A final nod to Canada 150

I did this piece in celebration of Canada 150 earlier in the summer. We have a great country.  Yes, I know that the indigenous peoples inhabited this great country much longer than that and I respect that. But I hardly need any reasons to celebrate Canada. We have oceans (not just one but three!), lakes that look like seas and millions of little lakes, mountains, prairie, Canadian Shield and acres upon acres of wonderful farmland. We need to preserve and protect our great country.

To me the maple tree is one of the symbols of Canada and precipitates many memories. I climbed in the maples and played under the maples around my house growing up. They were shelter, shade and a climbing gym all in one.

To that end, I am sharing this piece as the year closes.


Maple Kisses - 12
Maple Kisses – 12″ x 12″ – for pricing information, please contact marikemacd@gmail.com

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