Artist’s Statement

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Marike MacDonald is a Canadian artist whose character has been shaped by Christian values, deep connection to nature and a desire to play with shape and colour mainly in the form of landscape painting. 

She has a deep thankfulness to the Creator who has given us talents with which we can care for and explore his creation. Underlying all she does is her faith that God made the world, loves it and has entrusted it to the care of human society.

 Her connection to nature stems from growing up on a 100 acre farm complete with meadows, forest land and marsh land and animals.  She was free to roam the farm and the outdoors and participate in plant and animal discoveries and farm activities. Currently, she continues this connection by living in beautiful Muskoka, where she loves plein air painting, gardening and hiking. 

Capturing the light is essential to being a landscape painter. As a plein air painter, it is always the quality of light that decides whether the scene is paintable.

 Art has always been important to Marike – from early childhood projects to art school to now, there has been constant learning, constant observing, and the constant practice of art. She loves colour and the play of light on colour – and admires the impressionistic works of Group of Seven, contemporary Canadian artists – Mike Svob and Michael O’Toole, and that of contemporary American artist – Stephen Quiller.

Plein Air in the wilderness
Plein Air from a deck
PleinAir1 (732x1024)
Plein Air in Algonquin (along Hwy 60)
Plein Air in Algonquin Park


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